Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Cupcakes (or what started it all!)

Around this time last year, I finally admitted to myself that I was going to be one of those compulsive home-baking people, and just embraced the fact that I loved baking and then eating what I baked, and occasionally, sharing the baked stuff with others.

While shopping in the U.S. at Hobby Lobby (Americans are so lucky - they have the best stores!) I was first introduced to the huge assortment of cake decorating tools and absolutely fell in love with all things cupcake-related.

Because Halloween was right around the corner when I bought all my cupcake stuff (liners, decorating tips, sprinkles, cupcake boxes, well, you get the idea), I went to the Wilton cupcake site to get some inspiration for my first attempt. Wilton offers great step-by-step instructions that make it easy for the beginning decorator to get started.

The results?

Dirt Cupcakes (which you've seen before here):
Mummies (vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting):
Mini-Draculas (chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting):
Unfortunately, these photos are kind of small as I had to borrow them from my Facebook account (I can't find the originals).
At first I felt that the design I selected was fairly creative (yeah, yeah, I know... I got it off the Wilton website... how original is that?), but this year, while googling 'halloween cupcakes', I discovered that I wasn't the only one who was inspired...
I dare you! Go to select "Images" and type in 'halloween cupcakes'. Search.
Report what you find! :)


Carissa said...

I want to know the about Halloween cupcakes recipe.

Lord of the Wing said...

Man - Halloween, Nee's baking: what's not to love? I need to move back!

I did some research like you asked and here a few that I really liked:

1) The ones that look like yours but have teeth

2) ghost cake

3) The octopus esp

4)Vampire cupcake

I love this time of year