Monday, April 20, 2009

S'mores Bars

These. Are. AWESOME.

Anything else I write here will not do these squares justice.

I absolutely insist that you go out today, buy the ingredients, whip these up, (they are quick and easy - 40 minutes TOPS from start to finish) let them cool, and cut a big, honkin' slice for yourself. Make sure your phone is off the hook, then take a big bite, and embrace the goodness that is melted marshmallow and chocolate. A glass of milk alongside is optional, but strongly recommended.

And if you can't get enough of s'mores stuff, check out my S'mores Cupcakes recipe.

Really - there's no need to thank me (It might be tough with a mouth full of marshmallows)!

The ingredients:

Oooey-gooey good:
A close-up that will be taunting me in my dreams:
Give me, give me, s'mores, give me smores, give me, give me s'mores:

S'mores Bars (by Anna Olson)
Recipe HERE.


Erica said...

This looks like a dessert I tried (and loved) and a restaurant near me. I combed the internet over (so I thought) and finally gave up finding the recipe. Month later I stumbled across your blog and Ta-da! I can not wait to try it! Thanks so much and now I'm an avid reader of your blog :)

April said...

These bars look fantastic!! Thanks for visiting my blog!