Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer BBQ Cupcakes

We had a BBQ at work last week and because I wanted to make cupcakes disguised as typical BBQ foods, I cheated a bit and used a box mix and canned frosting. I know - baking sacrilege, but whatever.

What I came up with was corn on the cob, watermelon and popsicles!
The corn on the cob idea came from the book, Hello Cupcake, which has dozens of other really great cupcake ideas. To make these, I used vanilla frosting, yellow food colouring, 3 Starburst candies for the pats of butter (I think they were pina colada-flavoured), a variety of yellow and white Jelly Belly jelly beans for the corn kernels, granulated sugar as salt, and poppy seeds as pepper.
The watermelon idea was inspired by a quick Google search for summer cupcakes. To make these, I used vanilla frosting in white, green and pink, and for watermelon seeds, I used mini chocolate chips.
Finally, the popsicles were my own creation (that I know of, anyways). I asked around at work to see what other people were bringing in to the BBQ, and chose popsicles. To make these, I used vanilla frosting, arrowroot cookies (I squared off one end with a knife), and red and blue decorating sugars. Then I stuck a popsicle stick in each, and VOILA!
Admittedly, these aren't my best work - the frosting was waaaaaaaayyyy too soft, so the jelly beans slid around alot, and I took these photos AFTER I spent 45 minutes commuting on a bus and subway to get to work.

Still, they were fun to make, and pretty easy, so if you're looking for a fun summer dessert, these might be for you!


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Oh nice job girl!!!! Those look so fun! Especially the popsicles! :D

Lord of the Wings said...

Those cupcakes are AWESOME looking!

I can't get over the corn and watermelon ones - soo cool.

And the popcicles, you are so freaking talented.

Keep up the great work!