Monday, November 30, 2009

S'mores Cookies

Do you realize how hard it is to try to photograph delicious, delicious cookies right after they're baked? It's really hard. All I want to do is eat three right off the baking sheet, and if I did that everytime, well, there wouldn't be any photos to post. Oh, and all of my taste buds would be scorched completely from ingesting molten cookie.

OK, on to the reason we're all here: S'mores Cookies. By now you know of my love for all things S'mores: I've made the delectable S'mores Bars and S'mores Cupcakes, both of which are delish.

But these cookies are amazing. AMAZING. I honestly bow down to the baker who came up with them, even though they are a bit time-consuming (you have to stop 8 minutes into the baking process to add the Hershey's bars and marshmallows). The end result is worth it. Trust me.

Make these and swoon, my friends. And don't worry too much about burning the roof of your mouth with hot cookies - I can tell you from experience it only lasts a few days. :)

The ingredients:
The cookies, before they were baked, and the marshmallows and chocolate pieces were added halfway through:
The end result:

Recipe Here - you'll never be the same again... :)


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Mmmm oh my gosh... I WANT!!!

Lord of the Wings said...

Screw the campfire - that looks scrumptioius (and I don't really use that word, or spell it correctly apparantly)!

Anonymous said...