Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chocolate-Caramel Cookie Bars

Lately I've been craving salty-sweet desserts. I totally blame it on Starbucks' Salted Caramel Mocha, which has been my coffee shop addiction for the past few weeks. It's soooo good!

While searching for Thanksgiving ideas I discovered this recipe at Martha Stewart and couldn't wait to try it. Chocolate and caramel atop a shortbread biscuit and sprinkled with salt might sound crazy to some but it's heavenly to me.

In case you haven't already noticed, Martha Stewart is my home-arts crush. She's pretty much my hero. Well, except for that whole going-to-jail thing, of course. I always find great stuff on the website and I'm a shameless subscriber to the magazine.

But I have to admit, sometimes Martha makes things overly complicated. For example, creating the caramel needed in this recipe. If you read the reviews/comments on the website you'll notice that many readers share other methods for caramelizing sugar that are WAY easier. I watched this video and also this tutorial from Gordon Ramsay. Just keep a close eye on the pan (so that means no walking away or multi-tasking) and keep swirling and the magic will happen.

The chocolate-caramel is very sweet, and the shortbread crust is buttery and rich, so the salt is essential to the bars for balance. Otherwise, it would be a complete sugar overload, and the more subtle flavours would be overpowered.

The trickiness of the caramel aside, these are pretty easy to make. And they go great with a cup of coffee!

Recipe here. Enjoy!

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mrsrebeccalynn said...

Oh man childs! These look super tasty! I had the same craving the other day and settles for what I had on hand (& wouldn't break the calorie budget) & had some melted milk chocolate & pretzels! I must try this one!! I think for your next recipe you should try something light (calorie wise I mean) so that I can feel guilt free making a batch for just Kris & I!!!